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Lesson 11: Overview

Learning Different Tenses in Spanish

excited emote I'm so excited to present the second half of this online Spanish course to you. This level is especially exciting because it will bring you to an ultimate level of Spanish reading comprehension. The Level 2 lessons may seem a bit more challenging. However if you found the Basic Spanish Lessons to be useful, then you will catch on to these and enjoy them even more!

Spanish Verb Tense Practice

Spanish has five basic verb tenses. One of your goals for the rest of this course is to be able to use these five different tenses yourself. This will not be that difficult. You have already learned the present tense, and the rest are very similar. Here are the five different tenses that you will soon get to know if you keep up with your studies.

Spanish present tense Present:
(Simple tense for present moment. You already learned this one.)

Spanish preterite tense Preterite:
(Simple tense for past moment that's over and done with.)

Spanish imperfect tense Imperfect:
(More confusing tense for past moment that has no definite beginning or end.)

Spanish future tense Future:
(Simple tense for future moment that will happen)

Spanish conditional tense Conditional:
(Tense for expressing probability. It's usually said as would or could and ends in "- ía")

Learn the Spanish Preterite Tense

We will be learning past tense verb conjugation using the preterite tense to say things in the past.

Last updated: 2018

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