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Lesson 3: Review

Pronouns and Verb Conjugation Quiz

Nice Job on Your Progress!

You covered one of the most difficult lessons of learning Spanish as a beginner. I hope you are finding this information useful by now. Verb conjugation is one of the most powerful skills to know in Spanish. In the next lesson, we will be learning the most important verb of all— "to be." So make sure and be  there!

Don't Freak Out!

It's okay if you get confused when you take this quiz. Some of the questions are a little tricky.

For example,
It says "The guy  buys some drinks" and "The girl  carries a radio" (it doesn't say "He  buys some drinks" or "She  carries a radio.") However, since the actual noun replaces the pronoun, that does not change the way the verb is conjugated. See if you can get it on your own, otherwise check out the examples below for more information.

*Subject and Pronouns Trick

"The girl buys" is the same as saying:
"She buys" so it's:

"La chica compra" or
"Ella compra"

The same rule applies to: You guys, They, We, Etc.


In a Nutshell

star icon Carl and I (we) buy
star icon compramos

star icon Michael and Bob (they) buy
star icon compran

star icon You and Sandy (you guys) buy
star icon Compran


Adjectives are Said After the Noun

*Have you noticed that adjectives are always said after  the noun in Spanish? Check out the example below.

checkmark "The cat big" (instead of)
checkmark "The big cat."

checkmark "El gato grande."
checkmark "El grande gato."

Reviewing Spanish Verbs and Pronouns

geek emote Now you can see how much you learned in just three lessons of these Simple Spanish Lessons! Just below here is a short Spanish cartoon video. It is based on a conversation that will test your Spanish skills. At this point, you should be able to understand all of what is said or at least most of it. All of the words used in this conversation are words that you should have learned from the previous lessons. The most difficult part might be keeping up with the speed, but feel free to pause the video or replay it as many times as you need to. Once you have watched the video, you can take the pronouns & verb conjugation test. Good luck.

Pronouns & Verb Conjugation Quiz








¿Tú caminas aquí?
¿Ustedes caminan aquí?
¿Hicieron ustedes caminan aquí?

Yo compro un grande animal
Ellos compran más comida
Yo compro un animal grande

El hombre compra unas bebidas
El hombre compran unas bebidas
El hombre compra las bebidas


  Lesson 3 Test Answer Key

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Last updated: 2018

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