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Lesson 5: Assignment

Learning "Going To" in Spanish

"Ir" (To Go) Conjugation

people going somewhere

"Ir" (To Go) is an Irregular Verb

The verb "ir" is irregular when it is conjugated. But you already know how to conjugate "estar," and this verb is just like that one.

In Spanish, "I go" is the same thing as saying "I am going."

blue star icon I am going here
I go here Voy aquí

Here is an example of the "we" form of "to go" used in a phrase. Notice how both of these are said the same in Spanish.

we go
we are going


Saying "Going to (do something)"

wrong icon Voy comer
wrong icon Voy a comer
I'm going to eat

wrong icon Vas ir
wrong icon Vas a ir
You are going to go

Learning "ir a + Infinitive" (Going To Do Something)

When we put together phrases like "I am going" (voy) and "to go" (ir), then you can make useful sentences such as "I am going to go." However, when we make these types of sentences, the rule is you always have to place "a" before the infinitive verb even though "a" means "to" and "ir" means "to go." —In other words, it might seem like you are saying "to" twice, but this is how it is done in Spanish. This is one of those odd things we have to get used to.

All of this study can sound complicated, but here's an example for saying "I am going to go."

rigth arrow icon Voy (I am going) + a (to) + ir (to go.)
star icon "Voy a ir."

I am going to be here
Voy a estar aquí
She is not going to be here
Ella no va a estar aquí
We are going to go
Vamos a ir

package delivery

Vocabulary at Last!

at the library

Lesson Review Phrases

We're going to the library
Vamos a la biblioteca
You go slow
Vas despacio
They are going to the hotel
Van al hotel
You are going to do fantastic!
¡Vas a hacer fantástico!
I'm going to walk to the hotel
Voy a caminar al hotel

"—to the—" in Spanish

When we say "I am going to the—," we say something like "Voy a la—." However, when we use the masculine version of the word "the" (el), we compress the two words together to form the term "al."

star icon a + el = al

For Example:
Voy al hotel. (I am going to the hotel.)

Lesson 5 Vocabulary Study

Spanish "Going to" Quiz

This quiz will assess your ability to conjugate the verb "to go" in Spanish. Good luck.


  Spanish going to quiz answer key

Review Spanish Lesson 5

Last updated: 2018

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