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Tener and Tener Que Spanish Lesson
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Lesson 6: Assignment

Using "Tener" & "Tener Que" in Spanish

Let's begin by studying the new vocabulary list. This way the rest of the lesson will be ¡Muy fácil para ti! (Very easy for you!)

Lesson Six Spanish Vocabulary Words


Conditional Phrases in Spanish

When you say conditional phrases like "I'm cold" or "I'm hungry," do not use the verb "estar" like you think you would. Instead, use the verb "tener." Check out the examples below:

Lesson 6 Vocabulary Study


Tener is an irregular verb. This is why you need to study every conjugation and get to know each of them by heart. I promise it will help you out in the long run.

You will find a quiz that will help you review the conjugation of "tener" near the bottom of the page. Study well before you get to that point so you can pass the quiz without cheating!

*Tener Conjugations in Spanish


Try to Translate These Simple Tener Phrases

Before you attempt to translate these, look over the "*Tener Conjugations in Spanish" chart.

Don't Say "Do" in Spanish

When you ask questions like "Do you have enough?" Remember, you don't have to worry about saying the word "do."

Instead of saying:
wrong icon "Do you have enough?"

Just simply say:
correct icon "You have enough?"

carrying boxes
having food

Try These Spanish Phrases on Your Own With the Word "Do"

Do they have some food?
¿Ellos tienen alguna comida?
Do you guys have a lot of things?
¿Ustedes tienen muchas cosas?
Do we have everything?
¿Tenemos todo?
Do you have enough?
¿Tienes suficiente?

"Tener Que" Means "To Have To"

When you want to say things like: "I have to go here," "You have to do this" or "We have to learn," don't say to have "to" like we do in English. Instead, say tener "que," because the word "que" replaces "to" when saying "(Someone) has to do (something)" in Spanish. This is sort of similar to the Spanish "ir a" lesson we covered in Lesson 5.

In other words...

I have to...
Click for the answer Tengo que...
You have to...
Click for the answer Tienes que...
We have to...
Click for the answer Tenemos que...

Practice "Tener Que" phrases!

I have to learn that
Tengo que aprender eso
We have to go there
Tenemos que ir allí
You have to complete this
Tienes que completar esto

One More Thing to Know About the Verb "To Have"

There is one more thing you must know about the verb "to have."
This is going to be a surprise to you!
(¡Esto va a ser una sorpreza para ti!)

There is another way to say "to have" in Spanish. The word haber  also means "to have," but this version of the verb means "to have done something." For example you might say "I have eaten there before" or "Have you ever had these before?" This form of "to have" will be discussed in Spanish lesson 12, so I hope you have patience. (Espero que tienes paciencia.)


Tener Conjugation Quiz

This test measures your ability to conjugate the verb "tener." Simply translate the conjugated forms of "to have" from English to Spanish to see how well you do. Good luck!


  conjugating "tener" quiz answer key

Reviewing "tener" in Spanish

Last updated: 2018

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