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How to Say Can and Want in Spanish & Prepositions
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Lesson 8: Assignment

Learning "Can" & "Want" in Spanish

spanish prepositions box words

Spanish Prepositions

What are Spanish Prepositions?

Have you ever wanted to do something or tell someone you can do it? These are the times when the Spanish verbs "querer" and "poder" will come in handy.

Before we get too far with this lesson, let's first start out with a Spanish vocabulary list. It's time to learn where things can be located. If you remember from school, these words are called "prepositions." Let's study your preposition word list and get to know it by heart and then we can move on.

After studying this vocabulary list, try to challenge yourself by saying these phrases.

He is inside of the box
Él está dentro de la caja
It is in front of her
Está en frente de ella
Is there more on the bottom?
¿Hay más en el fondo?
You go right at the corner
Vas a la derecha en la esquina
What is under her camera?
¿Qué está debajo de su cámara?

Study Lesson 8 Spanish Vocabulary

"Poder" - To Be Able To (Can)

Keep in mind that whenever you say "can" in Spanish, you are really actually saying "to be able to." If you think about it, "can" and "to be able to" mean the same thing. For example: in English we can either say "I am able to write" or "I can write." The difference is that in Spanish, there is no way to say "can." Instead, Spanish speakers always say "to be able to." Poder is a verb in Spanish that means "to be able to."

"¿Puedes Leer Esto?"

wrong icon (Can you + to read + this?)
correct icon (You are able + to read + this?)

want in Spanish

"Querer" - To Want

How Do You Say "Can" and "Want" in Spanish?

This lesson teaches the verbs "poder" (to be able to) and "querer" (to want.) These are stem changing verbs, so there is no better way to learn them other than examining each conjugated form individually. You will feel so proud of yourself once you learn them all.

I can learn this
Puedo aprender esto
What can you do?
¿Qué puedes hacer?
They drink a lot!
¡Ellos beben mucho!
We can't study over there
No podemos estudiar allá

Practice Saying "Want" in Spanish

They want to wait for you.
Quieren esperar para ti.
Do you want to carry this?
¿Quieres llevar esto?
I want to walk, he wants to run!
¡Quiero caminar, quiere correr!
We want to study behind him.
Queremos estudiar detrás de él.
Do you guys want some food?
¿Ustedes quieren alguna comida?

Poder and Querer Conjugation Quiz

Translate the following can  and want  phrases to Spanish.


  poder and querer conjugation quiz answer key

That's About it for This Lesson

Remember that knowing a lot of Spanish vocabulary words is just as important as knowing Spanish grammar. It is your job to learn vocabulary words (especially nouns) as much as you can. Learn words that are not even part of this Spanish course. Make flash cards, memorize them from lists, quiz yourself, or play Spanish vocabulary games online. Do what you must, because there will be times in your future where you will be so proud of yourself for learning new Spanish words.

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Last updated: 2018

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